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All indoor photography is taken at our studio outside of Hickman. Indoor photography sessions are scheduled between the hours of 11a.m.and 3:30 p.m. We then pack up equipment and head to Lincoln for the outdoor sessions. Depending on the month, outdoor portraits are usually taken from 4:30 to 8:30 in the evening. Because all of our staff gets involved in making your portraits during your session time, we are unavailable for other matters  during these session times. All these matters must  therefore be set up with an appointment between such session times. Drop-in appointments cannot be handled while we are photographing.

Where do you take outdoor pictures?

We go to 5 different parks in Lincoln in order to let each senior pick a setting that most represents them. Going to different parks allows seniors to have a greater variety of backgrounds so that their pictures will look different than their friends. In other words we don't do our pictures in one location with the same tree in every picture. You can schedule your indoor appointment on a separate day from your outdoor if you so desire. However, you do need to have chosen your outdoor location when you book the appointment so we can fit you into a day when we are at that location.  

Places we go:

Hazel Abel Park - 18th and E streets. This is a beautiful park known for its gazebo, iron fencing, lamp posts and water fountain. It has a surprise look of the Haymarket as well. This is a very popular setting to almost all seniors.

East Campus - 33rd and Holdrege. This is a definite collegiate look. The variety of trees and bushes makes this an attractive choice for guys and gals. There are also a lot of flowers for those girls who like a little Sunken Gardens look. East Campus is known for it's bridge and "wheat field" look. If you are interested in fall colors, East Campus is the place for you. However, remember, fall colors don't begin until October and the exact time of the colorful display varies from year to year. This makes predicting the peak color for your session difficult.

Pioneers Park -  This is for the senior who likes the "pasture" look. It is  the look of  native Nebraska with its trees, tall grasses and lake in the background. The park uniquely has its famous columns both upright and horizontal. This is a popular choice for the avid hunter or fisherman. Also , for those seniors who would like pictures with their cars, this is a good  location as we can get the best background for cars here at this location.

The Haymarket -   8th and Q Streets. This is the location for the senior who wants to have something a little bit different. Old brick buildings, fire escapes, a brick mural wall, broken out windows, a train and tracks makes for a very creative session for that different look. If you would like to have any greenery in your pictures, the Haymarket is not the place for you. This location has that "Old Market" look for that "want-something-different" senior.

Sunken Gardens -  27th and Normal. This is for the senior girl who likes lots of flowers and wants flowers in all of their pictures. Depending  on what is planted, which varies from season to season,  the variety in backgrounds will depend on the colors of the flowers. There is not any other structural props at this location.

Our Hickman Studio Backyard -   This is ideal for the senior who wants to get all indoor and outdoor  pictures taken at one location and within one time slot. Green trees, grasslands and brick backgrounds make for a nice look here.

How many clothing changes do we get?

We allow three changes per sitting. If you are doing an outdoor only sitting, you could wear three. If you are doing indoor and outdoor, you could wear six.  At some of the outdoor locations , you would need to plan to dress in your car as there are no bathrooms or changing facilities. These include: Hazel Abel, Pioneers and Sunken Gardens. Remember that more clothing changes take more time and may result in less pictures.

What kind of clothing should we wear?

Clothes that look like you and that your parents agree with you on! With the variety of backgrounds that we have, it doesn't matter if the colors are light or dark. We change the background accordingly. Seniors, remember your parents are the ones who usually pay for your portraits. If your parents want you to wear  an outfit you would rather not wear, wear it anyway-just for them. You still have a couple of outfits for you. 1/3 for them and 2/3 for you.

How many pictures do you  take?

An indoor sitting consists of 12  portraits plus 5 or 6 yearbook portraits.

An outdoor sitting consists of 15 portraits. If you do the indoor/outdoor sitting, you would have approximately 30 portraits taken.

Almost all parents tell us, " There were so many good ones, we had such a hard time choosing!" We pride ourselves in the fact that most of our clients tell us that there was just too many good ones to choose from.

Can we bring our own props?

Absolutely! If you are in sports, many bring their sport jerseys, uniforms , letter jackets, sport balls, trophies, metals etc. Cheerleaders, sport trainers, band members, musicians, even eagle scouts bring memorabilia to make their portraits special to them. We've also had Disney collections, Beanie Babies, favorite books, model car collections as well as wizardry and castle creations. You name it- we've probably seen it. If not, we'd be happy to add another creation to our list.

Can we come in to see some of the work you do?

Certainly, we would be pleased to show you our work and answer any additional questions you might have. We have put our studio samples on our web page for those who don't want to make the trip out here and you are welcome to email us with any additional questions as well as phone us. We realize how busy all of you are, so one of our goals this year was to put up a web site for you to view our work. If you still wish to set up a meeting, please call to set up an appointment.

How do I order?

Proofs are ready to take home approximately 12 days after your session. The sitting fee is due at the time of your session and the deposit is due when you pick up your proofs. After viewing your proofs you can put your order together at home on the order form or by placing notes on the back of your photos. Next, mail  the order information along with the proofs your are ordering from to :

Jurgena Photography

 22535 S  96th St.

Hickman NE   68372

You can also make an appointment. This is recommended if you have several questions about your order.


Most seniors have a need for retouching blemishes. This concern can be taken care of by noting retouch on your order form. PLEASE NOTE:

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM US THAT YOU WANT RETOUCHING. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT IT WILL BE DONE WITHOUT YOUR NOTING ON THE ORDER FORM. Since retouch is charged at $11.00 per person per image, we do not want this automatically added on without your approval. Please note if you want moles or other marks to to remain as these will be taken out as well. If you desire to change something else in the image  such as removing a bright spot, stain or wrinkle in clothing, a stray hair, glasses glare or other similar issue, the charge is $5.00 above the retouch charge. Braces are usually $20-25 to remove.