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_______________________                                        Order Form Worksheet

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Phone:__________________                         (You may attach to an email and send to -please mail  proofs separately)


Please remember to note retouching if so desired.

  Picture  Number:

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    Portrait Size  

   Description of


   Number of      Prints           Unit price         Total Amount
 example: IMG5789            8x10

 blue shirt,sitting,outdoors

               2         36   ****72****


Please estimate half of your order and send a check along with this order and the proofs ordered from.

We will figure the final balance plus tax and put with your order to pick up.

You will be notified by phone when your order is ready for pick up.

It is important for you to mail proofs to us in the U.S. Mail so that we can match skin colors or make lighter or darker (if so desired).