Most seniors have a need for retouching blemishes. This concern can be taken care of by noting retouch on your order form. PLEASE NOTE:

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM US THAT YOU WANT RETOUCHING. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT IT WILL BE DONE WITHOUT YOUR NOTING ON THE ORDER FORM. Since retouch is charged at $11.00 per person per image, we do not want this automatically added on without your approval. Please note if you want moles or other marks to to remain as these will be taken out as well. If you desire to change something else in the image  such as removing a bright spot, stain or wrinkle in clothing, a stray hair, glasses glare or other similar issue, the charge is $5.00 above the retouch charge. Braces are usually $20-25 to remove. Again, unretouched pictures cannot be returned or refunded if you desired retouch but did not note on your order.

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